DIY: No Weave Wall Tapestry Inspired by Nature

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If you are anything like us- you swoon over bright white walls, bringing nature indoors, and working with your hands. We love the thought of filling our walls with creative pieces that we have either made ourselves or have purchased locally.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership we have formed! Alex Cantrell is a creative & crafty genius. She can take any blank space and fill it to the brim with beauty. Local Nasvhillian, Alex, is an event coordinator as well as a very talented artist spreading her beauty all around this town.

Now, we have seen the "No-Weave Wall Tapestries" that everyone is making and saying are so easy to make, but are they really that easy? 

With the help of Alex, we decided to try it out. The ease of the process & results that came in end got us really giddy to keep crafting!

Let us know if you tried it out & tag us in your pictures so we can see your work! 


Materials Needed:

Cut strips of fabric into 1 inch wide pieces (any length you desire) with frayed edges. We used an old white sheet for ours. You can easily dye the fabric as well to bring dimension to the tapestry using RIT dye, wine, or even coffee. 
A tree branch or wooden rod 
Decorative feathers
Various sizes of wooden beads
Thick yarn

    Step 1.  

    Pick the fabric you would like to use. We used old sheets cut into 1 inch slits. You can use any fabric, yarn, etc. Fold the strips in half and loop knot it around the branch.


    Step 2.

    Fill the length of your branch by loop knot tying fabric ribbons or yarn. Don't worry about the length of your ribbons now, we will trim them at the end.

    Step 3.

    Every few inches tie a piece of twine onto your branch in-between the fabric pieces. On the ends of the twine, place your wooden beads. We did 3 on each one, alternating the sizes.  When you are doing this, think about the shape you want your wall tapestry to be, this may effect the height you tie the beads at.  Be creative with this part!  You can use as many different size & color of beads that you would like!

    Step 4.

    In between the twine & beads, add decorative feathers with thinner twine. Or you can add these to the same pieces of twine with the beads. 

    The easiest way to attach feathers to twine (for us) was by tying a knot at the end, putting a dab of hot glue on the feather, and wrapping the twine around the end of the feather. This is another area where you can be as creative as you want.  Think about placement of your feathers and the lengths of the twine with the feathers attached.

    Step 5.  

    This next part is totally your preference.  We decided to add dark grey yarn in between the ribbon to bring dimension.  We wove two strips of yarn back and forth through the top loop knots of the fabric ribbon.  Then went in and added pieces of yarn in between every couple of ribbons. Unravel the yarn a little to give it a more texture.

    Step 6.  

    Trim up your tapestry! We cut ours into a point, but you can shape in any way you want!


    Remember to tag us in your pictures if your tried this DIY!



    Emily & Alex

    Photography: Alaina Mullin

    Styling: Emily Neikam





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