Milkmaid Braid Tutorial

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Hello! My name is Chandra Rae (Instagram Chandra Rae). I am a hairstylist at Salon Ya Ya in Green Hills, a Co-Developer and Education Coordinator for the Rapha House Freedom Stylist Program, an artist, and all around pal. I’m so excited to show you a tutorial on a milkmaid braid! I love this look for summer because it is a cute and easy way to get hair up and out of your face!

I love, love, LOVE, Kimberly and Sisters of Nature!  Thank you so much for inviting me to share this tutorial on your blog for your readers and fans! I’m so honored!


#1 Separate hair down the middle. Don’t try to make it a perfect part, the messier the better!

#2 Pull out pieces you want to have left out around your face.

#3 Start a pigtail braid, starting from behind your ear. Braid away from your head to allow the braid to have flexibility to fold up. If you have longer hair, start the braid lower towards the nape of your neck.

#4 Secure with a hair elastic.

#5 Pull the braid apart to make it wide and messy.

#6 Do the same on the other side.

#7 Take the last braid that is not secured with a hair elastic and fold the braid across the crown of your hair and pull tight. Secure with bobby pins facing down into the braids. (If you have silky hair, criss cross bobby pins, forming an X as you put them into the braids.)

#8 Take elastic off the end of the first braid and fold in front of the secured braid across the crown of your head. Secure the same way.

#9 Loosen it up by pulling gently around the crown and spray if needed!

You're all done!

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