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Word on the street this summer was that Stacy King and her sweet family were moving into town. Once we caught wind of the news we knew we had to connect with her. So on a bright, crisp November morning I had the pleasure of meeting with Stacy over coffee and cronuts. She is a woman of so many talents; style blogger, writer, artist, momma, wife to drummer Darren King of MuteMath, etc. We knew we had a lot to learn from her.
Stacy has a calm and contagious spirit about her. I immediately wanted to joke around with her as if she were one of my sisters, which makes sense because we both have several of our own! She comes from a highly talented and creative family. Raised in Tyler, TX, her parents homeschooled their children which gave them extra time and room to create art and in end form the band Eisley. 
I had a million questions to ask her but only chose a few & I'd like to share them with you. 
What led you to start your style blog?
SK- After just releasing an EP and going on tour under my project Sucre, I wanted to still have a creative outlet when I came home. This blog was the perfect fit for something like that. I am obsessed with the art of fashion and photography and wanted to share what I love with the world. 
How would you describe your personal style? 
Pretty minimal. Boho & Romantic. 
How did your parents foster such creativity in your family?
SK-They are music lovers themselves; there was always singing in our house. I was inspired by my parents love for music. They would get so excited to show us new and old music which helped inspire us to be musicians ourselves. We were never pushed in anyway, but they did buy us instruments and encouraged our art. They even opened a coffee shop in our hometown where my siblings and I ended up playing our first show. 
What music do you have on repeat right now?
SK-The Innocence Mission are an adorable couple who releases records every 4 years. Their music is so calming and comforting. I always have them playing in the house.
I have been inspired by the balance you seem to have with your family life and career. How do you keep that up?
SK-I want to share my life with the world, but I try to be super choosey with what I do share to protect my family. The goal is to not put pressure on myself or my family in the midst of creating. I try to just listen to my gut with what I do in my art and family. It is an ongoing process. I could force a different life if I moved to LA, got in with all the right people, and didn't have a family, but thats just not where I am at in life and that is ok! As a mom I have realized you cannot lose sight of your dreams and passions, in the end if I create and live out my dreams I will be a better example for her and everyone.
How has your music influenced your daughter Scarlett?
SK- She almost used to view it as something that took us away from her but now she can't get enough. She loves when daddy plays the drums and I sing. She will make me sing over and over again to her, it is the best feeling ever.
 What kind of story do you want to leave behind?
SK- I just want to be known as a true artist as simple as that sounds. Being an example to Scarlett for remaining an artist. I want to leave a mark with my art and my voice and share my perspective of the world. I am honored every day to do that. 
Have you gained any new inspiration since your move to Nashville?
SK- Being around like-minded creative types has pushed me to be better. Walking into a coffee shop and talking to a barista then finding their Instagram later and seeing them shredding on the guitar, it humbles you. I love the vibe of the city that we are all doing it for the love of our art.
What trends are you into right now?
SK- Comfortable neutrals, suede, and tennis shoes mixed with every day outfits.
What do you look for when you are out shopping?
SK- I ask myself, "what is the most special thing in here?" I am always looking for that one piece that will bring my outfit/ wardrobe together and take it to the next level.
 Stay tuned for future projects coming up with Stacy!
Shop Stacy's look HERE
Photographer- Alaina Mullin
Creative Direction & Styling- Emily Neikam
Hair & Make up- Nichole Marie Lim
Model- Stacy King





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