Meet Sisters of Nature Stylist: Leah Lawson

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What is your job title at Sisters of Nature?

Inventory Specialist & Monthly Playlist Creator

Are you from Nashville?

No I am not, I am from Orlando, Florida

What brought you to Tennessee?

 I moved to Nashville partly because I was tired of living in FL, and partly because I play music and wanted to move to a place where I'd be able to grow in that more. It's been really great, I released my first EP in November titled, "Sheets"!

What is your fondest childhood memory?

My dad used to take my brother Caleb and I to this park owned by Disney called "Discovery Island". At the park they had exotic animals and most weren't in cages so you could touch Galapagos Tortoises and things like that! We went all the time and it was so fun to have that special place to share with them! Eventually it got shut down out of the blue and we found out later they had some rare ameba or something and maybe someone died..? But it's still a favorite past time! 

What is your favorite band/go to album?

"When I Was A Child" by Valley Maker has been my go to album for months! I can't get over it. I am also pretty obsessed withThe Japanese House and Julien Baker. 

Besides making amazing music, what are your other hobbies?

My hobbies include playing music, song writing, and reading - I love the library! I love playing with my dog Ginger, drawing, thrifting, and hanging out with my roommates! 

What is your go-to outfit for every day & for dates?

My go-to outfit is high waisted jeans with a tied up t-shirt and boots! For dates probably about the same thing maybe just not a shirt with animal faces on it to change it up ;) 

What is the best adventure you have ever been on?

The best adventure I have ever had was when I went to language school in Guatemala  for a summer. While I was there I climbed an active volcano and got to stand 6 feet from a lava stream; my shoes even melted some! It was a really unique experience! 

Leah rocks the earth tone pallet better than anyone I've ever seen. She enhances her soft skin tone with a lightly bronzed cheek and a pop of pink to her lips. If you have a similar skin tone and style as Leah stop by our brick & mortar for a styling session with her!

Also, have her tell you one of her many witty jokes and fall in love with her contagious smile and personality. 



Photos of Leah taken by Alaina Mullin

Wardrobe- Jamie and the Jones & High Class Hillbilly

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Check out Leahs' Music Here

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