DIY: Denim Jacket Makeover

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Hi! I'm Liv, graphic design intern at Sisters of Nature & founder of ABLE shoppe. (Read below for more info about that)

Denim jackets are timeless and most everyone has an old one hanging in their closet. Here are a few tips to spruce up that old jacket of yours and give it a rad new flare.

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Materials Needed-

Jean jacket (or any denim item)

Patches (I have found cute patches everywhere from walmart to thrift stores!)

Iron (for the patches)

Acrylic paint

Paint brushes

Thread & needle


Step 1 :Time to Dream Up Your Design

Lay out your jacket & supplies in a flat area. It may be best to lay down newspaper or a table cloth because the painting could potentially be messy.

Then, think of fun ways to incorporate patches and fabric into your design! I decided to add fabric letters to spell out the word, "Rad" for the back of this jacket.

Cut out fabric letters and arrange them on the denim. Add a few stitches in the corners of the letters to keep them attached and voila!

Step 2: Decor

Decide where you would like to put your patches. Make sure your patches have a thin, shiny, glue adhered to the back.

Heat up your iron and before ironing on the patch, lay down a thin piece of fabric, such as a pillowcase or a sheet, on top of the patch to use as a pressing cloth.

Press the iron down for 20 seconds and increase the temperature to 375. Repeat on the back of the patch then inside of the garment for 15 more seconds without the pressing cloth.

Step 3: Embroidery

If you are going to add a small embroidered design, it is helpful to draw it out with a pencil on the jacket first and use the drawing as a guideline.

Add custom embroidery to your jacket with your needle and thread. Add simple repetitive stitches for texture and cute little designs such as a cactus.

Note: Embroidery tips are easy to learn via Pinterest or Youtube!

Step 3: Paint

Now paint whatever your little heart desires! My tips with painting denim are to draw out your design with pencil first (it usually erases pretty well too), use bright colors that will pop from the indigo, and the more creative the better!

Note: Use the back of your brush for perfect polka dots!

We hope you love this tutorial & have so much fun creating your own pieces!

As an artist, I have always been more drawn to used clothes and finding ways to reinvent them. However, my thrill of thrifting turned into a life style when I interned at Sisters of Nature, an ethical clothing boutique, where I learned about the dangers of fast fashion. 

In a pursuit to recycle the world's number two polluter (clothing) ABLE shoppe is a curated collection of vintage, recreated, & handmade garments. ABLE shoppe's collection is carefully handpicked and unique.

If you need a vintage denim garment to give your own spin, check out ABLE shoppe or follow on Instagram @able_shoppe.

Photographer: Brittney Julian

Model & DIY-er: Liv DeHaan

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